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The Easter Bunny Doesn’t Come to Our House

solve dulcolax uk It’s true, the Easter Bunny doesn’t come to our house. That sounds so cruel, doesn’t it? Before you start sneaking my kids jelly beans, rest assured, on Easter morning they will be greeted with a basket of fruit snacks (their favorite) and a new train set. See? I love my kids. But it’s more difficult… Read More The Easter Bunny Doesn’t Come to Our House

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Happy Social Worker Month

ayur slim price My friends are neatly divided in to two groups: social workers and teachers. Ok, I also have a couple nurses on the roster, but otherwise I am not exaggerating. I suppose I just really need some purposeful, intelligent and hard-working women in my life because that’s who I’ve got in my social circle. I try hard not… Read More Happy Social Worker Month

Enjoying the gift of an ordinary day “Enjoy these days, they pass by so quickly”. If I had a quarter for every time I heard some version of this all-too-true sentiment, I wouldn’t be squirreling away dollars in a sock under my mattress (just kidding, it’s a Tiffany & Co. box and I would never post its whereabouts on the internet). But seriously,… Read More Enjoying the gift of an ordinary day