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A Baby Shower Game I Don’t Hate

buy antabuse paypal can you buy amoxicillin 500mg BlocksI know “hate” is a strong word, but I’ve been to my fair share of baby and bridal showers. I’m an expert at making wedding dresses out of toilet paper, removing the word “baby” from my vocab, guessing the size of a friend’s belly and (ugh) guessing which candy has been crushed into a diaper.

But…why? WHY ladies? I am 100 percent sure there are women – friends even – who like these games. So that’s cool and wonderful. But when it comes time for me to host a shower, guests may notice this section has been quietly removed. (Unless the honoree is one of these friends who really really loves games.)

Case in point: this past Saturday I hosted a shower with one such friend who loves games. And I did not judge or begrudge her the opportunity for making merry.

IMG_3854But we had to come to a compromise and fortunately she found something I can totally get behind: Blocks for Locke. The baby’s name is Locke, so that was just lucky.

Not only was this a fun painting activity (which I love!) it was also a functional gift for our friend. A game that doesn’t get thrown away with the wrapping paper? Yes and yes again.

And I got to make use of Target’s Hand Made Modern line! There were some blank blocks on Amazon for about $30 but…well, I already bought a gift. These blocks were just $15! And it was a good thing there were only six since not everyone felt comfortable to paint a whole block. I used acrylic paint and sponge brushes which made for very easy clean-up. I hope these blocks can stand the test of a boy’s strength and drool. At the very least, it was a fun time decorating and is now a memento of our ability to yield a sponge brush at this time in our lives.

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