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Catching up on correspondence

CorrespondenceIn my favorite episode of Friends, The One Where No One’s Ready, Ross and Rachel get in a fight and in an act of absurd defiance, Rachel says she can’t go to his work event because she needs to “catch up on her correspondence”. She then proceeds to sit at a table and take out her stationary.

This is a lost art folks. Not the absurd defiance (that’s never gone out of style), but the idea that I am going to take time out of my day to catch up on my correspondence. Who even uses that word anymore? But…isn’t getting an honest-to-goodness letter in the mail the absolute best? Not an invitation to a party or even (dare I say it?) a thank you note, but just a letter. Something in writing to say “how are you? Let me tell you that I’m thinking of you and this silly story that happened today. Ta ta!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love invitations and thank you notes and they are both very important. Sadly, even these notes of correspondence are on the list of endangered species. But the note to say hello? That’s gone the way of the card catalog.

Every Christmas I get a card from a dear friend in California. She has the most beautiful handwriting and I wait for her note every year. I always write back too. It’s not a quick “Merry Christmas” here’s my family, aren’t we grand kind of a card. It’s just a Christmas card filled with her flowing words. I save all of them.

Guess who else gets correspondence? My kids. Yeah, how cool is that? My parents and Ty’s parents have started sending the boys letters in the mail. Big Brother is just starting to understand what’s happening while Little Brother just tries to eat the post cards. Now Big Brother has a special box that he puts all his letters in. Some day when they are older, they will have a stash of letters filled with little notes from their grandparents. I hope they know how special that is. Sweet and short notes to say I love you and I was thinking of you seven days ago (and another thing…is it me, or is the mail getting alarmingly slow?)

I’m so grateful for this new tradition the grandparents have started. I love the correspondence. Eventually, the boys will understand more about the concept of snail mail and may actually sit down long enough to send a letter back. You know…to correspond. For now, I’m just happy every time I see another note with my dad’s handwriting or an envelope stuffed with Starburst from Ty’s mom. Happiness in an envelope. Right at my door.

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