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Happy Birthday Nora Ephron! defer Nora Ephron’s birthday is today. Do you know Nora? Probably. Maybe you don’t even know that you know her. Nora is the writer and sometimes director and producer of a several movies, including When Harry Met Sally, Julie and Julia, Bewitched and my personal favorite ever of all time, You’ve Got Mail.  She was, at her core, a writer.… Read More Happy Birthday Nora Ephron!

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Curl Up With Babymaid for Friends Day

automate Today is friends day (what? you didn’t know?) and it seems like the perfect day to share a short excerpt of a book I wrote with my friend, Jane O’Dowd, about pregnancy and friendship. We started writing the book to give a look at what it’s like to watch your friends experience the craziness of pregnancy… Read More Curl Up With Babymaid for Friends Day

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Humans of New York Refugee Story report If you’re not following Humans of New York on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you are missing out on some amazing stories. Brandon Stanton is a photographer in New York who has been photographing and interviewing people in New York since 2010. He asks simple questions such as “What piece of advice would you give to… Read More Humans of New York Refugee Story

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Start (Being Patient With Yourself) depict I think it’s safe to say I am a bookworm. I generally read fiction…light fiction….ok, I mainly read chick-lit and Jane Austen. You won’t find very much non-fiction on my bookshelves unless you’re looking at Ty’s sections. But after I quit my my job when Big Brother was born I felt pretty lost. I had a… Read More Start (Being Patient With Yourself)