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Back to School Nightmares To say I’m having back to school nightmares is probably pretty dramatic – which is to say it’s on par for my communication style. I have been luxuriating in the glorious non-schedule of the summer. Not every moment has been a peaceful picnic – like the many times I’ve been the mom of three screaming kids at… Read More Back to School Nightmares

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I Still Love FriYay

I don’t work a Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 job and yet I still love FriYay. What is FriYay, you ask? It’s Friday and we say Yay! This is a new term I’m learning from Instagram because I’m kind of old – not a millenial and not Gen X. I’m a little lost. But that’s a musing… Read More I Still Love FriYay

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A Response to a Bizarre View of Motherhood

I had to share A Response to a Bizarre View of Motherhood written by a longtime friend. Harper’s Bazaar recently published an opinion piece regarding the media response to Amala Clooney’s appeal to the United Nations on the genocide committed by Isis. Jennifer Wright authored the article entitled “Motherhood is Not a Woman’s Most Important… Read More A Response to a Bizarre View of Motherhood