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A Response to a Bizarre View of Motherhood

I had to share A Response to a Bizarre View of Motherhood written by a longtime friend. Harper’s Bazaar recently published an opinion piece regarding the media response to Amala Clooney’s appeal to the United Nations on the genocide committed by Isis. Jennifer Wright authored the article entitled “Motherhood is Not a Woman’s Most Important… Read More A Response to a Bizarre View of Motherhood


Hanging In There

I doubt anyone ever looks at me and thinks “wow, how does she do it?” Rather, I’m pretty sure I’m the poster mom for “hanging in there”. I bought new socks so at least part of my outfit would match when I was at home and they immediately got divorced in their first wash, so… Read More Hanging In There


When Mama Ain’t Happy

I heard a sermon on Mother’s Day when Big Brother was just about six months old and it has influenced my parenting approach substantially. Many Mother’s Day sermons talk about Mary or Moses’ mother or any of the wonderful women in the Bible extolling the value of motherhood and the qualities we possess as mothers.… Read More When Mama Ain’t Happy