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Cleaning Hack for Hardwood Floors order clomid australia Cleaning Hack for Hardwood FloorsWe have dark hardwood floors, which I love, but I’ve had to learn to turn a blind eye at the dust in the corners, crumbs lining the edge of our large floor rug and random bits of who-knows-what that accumulates no matter how often I sweep. I’ve also ditched the broom altogether since it just seems to move the dust and nonsense into the air rather than into the trash.

I love my Swiffer. I use it to mop the tile kitchen and sweep up the living areas and the bedrooms. But I honestly can’t justify purchasing the sweeper dry pad refills anymore! Ty came up with this cleaning hack and I’ll never buy them again!

We use microfiber cloths you can purchase at the dollar store. Simply attach it to the Swiffer, sweep up, knock the dust strip in the trash and throw the cloth in the washing machine. Done and done!

It seems like a small thing, but every little cent I can save is money we can use in other ways. A box of 37 Swiffer Sweeper Dry Pad Refills at Target is almost $10! With no carpet in our house, I could go through those quickly…or just not clean. While my lazy nature is all for the latter choice, it’s not a great look when guests come over or when I actually get a minute to sit down and all I can see are dust pockets.

Oh and I have a child who will be crawling soon. So, there’s that too.

What are your cleaning hacks for hardwood floors? I’d love to hear of a way to cut out the wet refills without actually having to break out a mop and bucket!


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