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Do Good Work – Part I

Christmas Time is Here (not yet, but it's coming people)
Christmas Time is Here (not yet, but it’s coming people)

transfer voltaren gel usa I know it’s August, but I need to talk about Christmas for a moment. I love it. I know everyone says that, but y’all don’t know exactly how nutty I am about Christmas. I chose the decor and color schemes for my house based on how I will decorate it for Christmas. I start looking for gifts in July. I fantasize about different meals we’ll eat for what will culminate in to a four day holiday (Christmas Eve-Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and The Day After Christmas).

http://LILEMMAROSE.COM/77144-seroquel-price.html Why am I rambling about Christmas? Because it’s coming. Just 17 Fridays left until Christmas
Seriously, there are only 17 Fridays left. I counted and I’m pumped. Ty and I are kinda nutty about our budget, so we save for Christmas all year long. I mentioned to him the other day to make sure we have something extra to help out those who need the support to make Christmas special. 20 Heaven points for me.

amsa fast orlistat diet pills Every Christmas, we are inundated with opportunities to help others from every direction. There are the Angel Tree boxes, toy donation boxes, care packages to send to the deployed military and the bell-ringing Santa’s at Publix. And then there’s always a family you hear of who could use the help but may not want to ask. The guy who just lost his job or that neighbor who doesn’t have any family nearby. We budget to help where we can but somehow it’s never enough.

But here’s the thing: vigamox eye drops price people need generosity like that trade differin gel prescription year round. For example, Family Promise of Greater Orlando is currently collecting clothes for the homeless kids in their program who are going back to school. Lighthouse Central Florida is gearing up for their Emerging Vision Luncheon September 22 which accounts for the majority of their fundraising for the year. Runners and volunteers are needed for the Jim Payne Corporate 5k for the Kids to benefit Kids House, Seminole County’s child abuse investigation, treatment and prevention center.

Anyone in the non-profit business knows the best thing you can do is donate money. I don’t have a lot of money but I’m discovering more ways to save money than just setting it aside from our monthly paycheck. In the last few months, I’ve gone through the house and collected toys and clothes we haven’t used and sold them to Once Upon a Child. I take a hard look at what’s in our garage and closets and post items on one of the virtual garage sales on Facebook or Craigslist. If I have any money leftover from our grocery budget, I get to keep it (holla). $10 here, $12 there and over time I’ve saved more than $50.

I saw this image on Sean McCabe’s website and it reminded me of the giving that’s needed in our community all throughout the year. Do good work and continue to do good work. Find an organization you care about it and offer your time, money or services. You’ll never know what you can offer until you ask.

Image copyright Used with permission.
Image copyright Used with permission.

It’s August and I’m ready for Christmas. So in the spirit of Charlie Brown, I am going to try to revive that Christmas spirit before the hustle of the holiday distracts from the good work that needs doing. revitalize Be intentional. If you want to make a difference, then do it. If you don’t have money to donate, look at the resources and talents God gave you. Pray about it and see what He opens up for you. Random acts of kindness and giving to someone you see on the side of the road can make an impact, but intentional living makes a lifelong impression.


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