Getting Crafty with Martha Stewart

Getting Crafty with Martha StewartI have 15 rolls of wrapping paper and they are all for Christmas. Seven have never been opened and one (I kid you not) is from SpongeBob SquarePants. I had nothing to do with that one. When Christmas comes, I’ll be set. But yesterday, when I needed to wrap my mother’s embarrassingly late Mother’s Day gift, I had to pull what I needed from Martha Stewart Living…literally. Yup, I wrapped her present with magazine paper.

I have a love/hate relationship with my magazine subscriptions. I get Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes & Gardens. They are simultaneously inspiring and frustrating. So many ideas, too little time and budget. Impeccable homes, inexpensive facial creams at just $50 a bottle (-_-), endless features of hipsters making trailer homes look spacious and thriving goat milk farms. I love seeing the inspiring, creative and beautiful things people are doing and making all across the country…and then I have to have a little pep talk about how my life is wonderful as it is and we all have different paths, journeys and goals.

Anyway, Martha’s photos are particularly eye-catching and I am continually impressed with their ability to create a stunning magazine each month. The whole publications is a work of art and I always think of the hours and hours spent staging, finding props and adjusting lighting for each shot.

But back to my wrapping paper problem. I had a small box of business cards I designed for her and though I could have used a bag, I always prefer wrapping paper since I think it’s more fun to open. So, who better to fix my problem than Martha Stewart?

BeforeSo I flipped through the pages from Martha Stewart Living and I found plenty of beautiful pages to choose from. I have to say I’m pretty proud of my resourcefulness and I think it matches my mom’s style pretty perfectly. If I had to wrap a bigger box, I would have had to get more creative, but yesterday my magazines really came through for me.


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