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Ghouls Be Gone! (Halloween is for kids)

GhoulsI know I’m getting older and a bit boring when the sight of ghoulish ghosts hanging from trees and hooded figures bearing plastic axes gives me an inward groan. If Halloween is for kids, why do some people use such scary decorations?

I love seeing the parade of costumes that alight my door every Halloween night. Being on the other side of the door is its own special treat as I am delighted by the timid princess pushing up her crown to the seasoned 3rd grader rocking the Gryffindor colors. But if adults can have phone anxiety, imagine being three-years-old, approaching a stranger’s house, knocking on the door, saying trick or treat (loud enough to be heard) and asking for candy.

Now imagine doing that with a skeleton glaring down at you in the dark. Or a spider the size of a basketball cackling at their feet. Or a scarecrow Freddy Krueger. Thank you, now I have to explain what a scarecrow is and hope my kid won’t ask who Freddy Krueger is.

If we’re going to give teens a bad rap for trick-or-treating and only expect to see little kids out on Halloween, then perhaps we could do away with the adult Halloween decor. I know that just because we’re adults now, we don’t stop loving Halloween. I think that’s why some families go all out, decorating their lawn with grave stones, creepy music coming from the bushes and corpses in the garden. But if your expectation is that trick or treating is for the kiddies…why are we scaring them out of their senses?

I know that I see the world through my kids’ eyes now and so I’m more sensitive to things like. I generally live by the thought that everyone should do what works for them. I’m not going to start a campaign and you probably won’t find me ranting about it anywhere but here. And this isn’t even a rant. Just a polite request to tone down the creepy decor.

After all, not all kids have a sibling as totally awesome as this little sister:

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