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How to Paint With a Toddler (and create a masterpiece)

Pinterest painting3Since I’ve taken up painting in the last couple years, I have paintbrushes and paint just sitting around the playroom just asking to be played with.

And that happens every few days with my son brandishing one of my brushes running through the house bellowing “I want to paaainnttt!!!”

Argh. Paint. On my grandmother’s refurbished wooden table. On my gorgeous wood floor. In his hair.

In the past, my method has been to set him up in his old high-chair – nice and contained – and plop down some dollar store water paints, a cup of water, brush and paper. Typically, he just spends his time dipping his brush in the water and slathering it over the paper.

And then painting my grandmother’s refurbished wooden buffet.

That’s why this method I saw on Pinterest looked so promising…and it worked! I just squirted a few dabs of paint on a piece of paper and gave him a cup of water for him to smear it all around. And he loved it! He knocked out about 8 pieces of art in just 15 minutes or so and then picked one out for his Gramma for her birthday (points for me!)

The link to this pin goes to Twitter, so I’m not entirely sure who’s idea it was, but it’s great and it WORKS!

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