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Pinterest Fail: The Color Wheel

I'll be saving this activity for when Big Brother can handle clothespins without screaming.
I’ll be saving this activity for when Big Brother can handle clothespins without screaming.

buy modafinil smart drug I received some great advice this weekend to introduce some Montessori-type activities to Big Brother since he’s pretty smart. I’m not exactly sure what constitutes a “Montessori” activity, but I’ll bet it goes beyond watching Cat in the Hat. Like any good mom, I checked out Pinterest for a few ideas. It only took a few clicks to find a some fun things to do with him. Monday, I let them color in a diaper box. I have to say, it was kind of a hit. Granted, it only lasted about five minutes, but it was a fun five minutes and we now have the boxes for Little Brother to chew on and sit in and Big Brother can climb inside whenever he remembers they’re there.

Monday's masterpiece.
Monday’s masterpiece.
Sword fighting in the "carriage'.
Sword fighting in the “carriage’.

Yesterday, I found a craft for making a color wheel. It seems simple and I happened to have some foam board leftover from another project (I know, I’m so handy). The idea is that the kid matches the clothespin to the corresponding color. Big Brother is ok with his colors but purple has him a little stumped, so I thought this would be kinda fun for him and educational giving me 50 mom points. I’m so close to winning the house cup.

Somehow, I managed to make the color wheel even with Little Brother crawling over me, trying to eat the paper, my pencil, the eraser and of course, the scissors. I asked Big Brother to color the clothespins with some markers. Naturally, this is the one time he preferred to color on paper. No big deal.

I finally got it all finished and I wish I had my camera with me because once I was ready for Big Brother to play with it they both immediately started scream-crying. I had been snatching non-edible items out of Little Brother’s hand for about 15 minutes and taking away the color wheel was the last straw. His world was over and he wanted the neighbors to know.

Simultaneously, Big Brother completely lost it when the clothespins kept going all askew. I guess this craft needs a little more dexterity than I anticipated.

OctopusOh well, I still have the color wheel and I am giving myself an A++ for effort. I am undaunted. I’ve already cut out this Octopus for our next craft inspired by It involves glue and cheerios so I’m sure it will go swimmingly.

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