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This Badgley Mischka dress retails for $395 - rent it for $35!
This Badgley Mischka dress retails for $395 – rent it for $35!

I know, I KNOW, I said I was going to take a break…but the title of this blog is “And another thing…” so what did you expect? I always have another thing to say. I found from someone on Instagram (I think?) and it is a labyrinth of designer dresses. It sparkles. It shines. I feel tall and thin when I scroll through. I have to tell you about it.

Basically, you rent high-end designer dresses instead of buying them. Kinda like Rent-A-Swag for those in the know.

Anyway, you can rent a dress and a backup dress in another size for four or eight days. This is great if your little black dress is a teensy bit tired or if you just want a new look but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in a dress you’ll wear twice a year (maybe).

Unfortunately, I have no need for this site since my job doesn’t give an office party and Ty’s office party is a potluck lunch. But maybe YOU can rent a dress! Please, someone rent a dress, show me how fabulous you look and feel and let me live vicariously through you.

Happy shopping!

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