SNL’s Black Widow Trailer Confirms RomCom is Dead

buy finasteride dubai avengers-2-black-widow1A film-making friend of mine recently posted that the success of movies such as those part of the Marvel Universe, the Lord of The Rings/Hobbit and Harry Potter series confirms the romantic comedy is officially dead.

http://kimmswickhistoricalsociety.com/events/category/special-events?eventDisplay=list I instantly disagreed. Then I tried to remember the last romcom I saw in the movie theater. Nothing came to mind. Then I tried to think of the most recent romcom I saw that I genuinely liked. Still nada. At least nothing in the last 5 years and that’s probably a stretch.

Please understand, my DVD shelf is filled with pastels and sassy hot pink DVD cases. But lately, that’s not what I watch. Maybe it’s because I’m married and the genre we both agree on are typically of the aforementioned Tolkien or hero stories.

Maybe it’s because Nora isn’t writing anymore. Maybe it’s because all the good stories have been told.

But I think it’s because people want a really good story. Not a nice, neat package. A story with characters you truly love, hate and don’t quite understand. I want to watch a movie that will have me subconsciously thinking about it for a few days. One that I’ll mention to Ty at dinner with my new revelation and we’ll discuss for a few minutes with him revealing some background info from the comic book that I’d never know.

Romcoms have just become too predictable. I mean, we knew that. But, I honestly wish the writers knew how smart women are.

And what’s with this nonsense that women don’t watch the Marvel movies? That’s absurd! Um, Robert Downey Jr. anyone? Ok, I know Chris Evans is the hunky dunky of the lot, but Rob is my favorite because of his wit (and seriously, he won me over with Alley McBeal). I love the dry humor which I think his half the acting and half the writing. Although, I think writing for him is easier if you know that’s who’ll be delivering your words on-screen.

Also, women made up 52 percent of those who attended a movie in 2014, so obviously we’re going to watch something. And I never thought about why Black Widow doesn’t have her own movie. I mean, it’d be cool to get her backstory cleared up, but I like how it’s slowly unfolding over the course of the movies.

Kinda like a good story.

Anway, I loved this SNL sketch partly because it destroys the stereotype of what women really want (it’s not Mel Gibson) and I love that Scarlett Johansson did it. Why? I’m not really sure. She just scored some extra cool points with me when she did that.

Check it out here:

Note: In the name of full disclosure, I wrote this post with Return to Me playing on the TV. There’s good writing in there. And not necessarily the romantic parts – the parts with her Grandpa and his friends, the parts with Bonnie Hunt, James Belushi and their big, crazy family. The adorable, funny, smart and quick quips. The music – Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra. It’s easy on the ears and leaves a smile. The women are smart and real. More of that, please and thank you.

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