Why I Omit My Sons’ Names

NamesIf you’ve read even a little of this blog you’ll notice that I have two sons. You also may have noticed that I haven’t given you their names. I know it must be annoying to read over and over “Big Brother” this and “Little Brother” that. I’ve told you a little about my husband Ty, but I omit my sons’ names on purpose.

Big Brother (let’s just call him BB, k?) is only 2 and a half. Little Brother (LB) is not even a year old. I’ll tell you about their antics and share some pictures of their adorable faces, but I feel it’s my responsibility to keep their actual names offline from this part of the internet until they can actually give me permission to post about them.

Ty has given me permission (as if the poor guy had a choice) and I ask before I share stories from anyone else you’ll see here. But these guys don’t even know what the internet is.

And another thing…let’s just take a minute to reflect on that. BB doesn’t understand why I can’t get Cat in the Hat to play on the TV sometimes. We had a time when our router wasn’t working very well and I guess I talked about restarting it a lot because every now and then he’ll grab something and say he’s going to “restart the router”. The internet is part of their lives just like chocolate milk is part of his morning routine. How wild is that? Ok. That’s all.

The world is crazy. I was reading about the Lindbergh baby yesterday after watching the footage about the story on the AP Archive on YouTube. I realized I’d heard about “the Lindbergh baby” but I really had no idea what was so significant about it. Apparently, the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby is what prompted any kidnapping to be a federal crime. I thought about how it has become Robaxin us buy Keppra cheap too common for me to see postings of kids that have gone missing on my Facebook feed. Back then, it was such a novelty that it wasn’t even an official crime yet!

I share my kids’ names on Facebook with people I know, so it’s not some big secret. But I share this blog on Twitter with a lot of people I don’t know and it’s just floating out there for anyone, anywhere to see it. It’s my responsibility to keep them safe from someone who would take innocuous information, piece it together and use it to hurt my sons.

This blog post depicting what can happen when your kid’s information gets into a stranger’s hands motivates me to try to keep the information I post here about me and not my kids. It’s not easy since so much of my life is about them and they are truly the funniest part of my day.

I know it’s just a name and other moms share their kids’ names online and nothing happens, so this is just my personal decision. I generally live by the mom rule that every mom should do what works for them. So far, this works for me. So until they are old enough to protect themselves and decide what information goes online, I’ll only refer to them as Big Brother/BB and Little Brother/LB here.

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