Y’all, I SEWED

click this This Halloween is already historical. I did something Ty thought I would never do: I sewed. On my sewing machine. I’m pretty sure my Kenmore is older than I am. Even YouTube didn’t know the model and offered no help. But when Big Brother declared he wanted to be a shark and Little Brother followed with a decision to be a dragon, I knew I had to get it together.

buy nolvadex with credit card This is a good time to point out that we no longer have until October 31 to raid Walmart for the necessary pieces for a jaw-dropping costume. Nope, when I dropped BB off at school on Tuesday, I learned that they would be trick-or-treating in costume on Thursday. This is actually pretty cool and I was totally pumped that he would get to do this. We also have Trunk or Treat on Friday, so I had to get LB’s costume done by then.

It also meant that LB would be spending his birthday at Walmart while I nervously combed the aisles for whatever I could gather to make a shark costume. And fast.

I decided it was time to call in the big guns: my mom. I  asked for an emergency tutorial session at her earliest convenience within the next 30 minutes. Fortunately, she is amazing and dropped what she was doing and met me at my house. She whipped through the instructions at lightening speed before I had to leave to pick up my eldest.

When we got home I set to work trying to remember what she had said and squinting at my computer for instructions on how to make a fin. I didn’t have time to mess up. I didn’t have time to get it right. I had just enough time to get it done.

But y’all – I SEWED. I texted all of my relatives with this ecstatic news so now my iPhone thinks the word “sewed” should always be capitalized. In my case, it’s absolutely correct.

BB was so tickled with his costume, I almost cried. It’s a low maintenance costume that he will actually wear. I don’t like costumes with a lot of accessories that keep falling off. This is basically a hoodie with a fin. To top it off, the weather is almost like fall so he won’t be sweating in this get-up.

This is the tutorial I used for his costume. I used two pieces of felt at $.23 each for the fin instead of buying new sweatpants. The hoodie was $5.96 from Walmart and he can wear it as a shark or I can unstitch it and boom – a gray hoodie.



Next up is LB’s dragon costume. This took some more finesse and I was almost in tears by Thursday night when it just wasn’t working. I woke up at 4 a.m. the next morning and stayed awake until about 5:30 when I finally worked out that I was sewing the dragon spikes into the seam of the hood which was probably too thick. I only had two more to go and I can hand-stitch that.

Thursday morning I woke up and got right to work on it. I was done with the costume by mid-day. When he woke up Friday morning, I was so excited to try it on him but he refused. That’s right, my two-year-old who sleeps with his sword was crystal clear about not wanting to wear his new, lovingly sewn, hand-made dragon costume. I wasn’t quite sure what I would do when we got to our Trunk or Treat at church that night but I had a vision of me wrestling it onto him in the middle of the parking lot.

Fortunately, the event was wildly distracting for him, so he didn’t even protest when I said it was time to put on his jacket. Boom, costume is on. Yes, I really love a pinterest hoodie costume. Both of my kids wore them all night long and had a blast.

Here is the tutorial I used for the dragon costume. The template for the spikes isn’t available anymore, so I just cut them out to the size and shape that I liked.



And now, I can sew 🙂

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